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Note: We have compiled these from student comments about our workshops and tutorials. We have a separate page for comments from our Revision Retreat.

Comments on Workshops:

About "Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Manuscript" (webinar series, spring 2015):

Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson made the impossible seem possible. The webinar helped me face the hard fact that my practice of revision, pre-webinar, consisted of tending to things that should come later in the revision process. Re-imagining is in the title of the webinar for good reason. Along with introducing me to the helpful Reader Response Theory, Harold and Eileen provided me with tools and techniques along with exercises prompting me to ponder POV and strengthen my characters, plot, and setting. And, goodness, what an abundance of useful resources they provided! The chat feature brought forward good discussion points and gave a nice sense of camaraderie. When the webinar ended, and even now nearly two years later, I know that Harold and Eileen are rooting for me and I can keep up with them in the Kids Book Revision Facebook Group page. -- Sarah Corson

From a published picture book author:
I found the picture book webinar to be full of useful nuggets and techniques, (some variations of old friends and some new,) that help me bring fresh eyes to the revision process. They are among the notes I return to when stuck. The page by page chart breakdown was a particular favorite -- a simple and elegant view of the PB. -- Erica Silverman

From a participant:
Dear Harold,
Thank you for the wonderful webinar, and for answering my many questions throughout its course. I have been a fan of yours since I joined the SCBWI about 15 years ago and learned a tremendous amount by reading your posts on the boards. Your website is always the first place I go when I am looking for information on a publishing topic. When I first learned of the webinar, I was hesitant to sign up for it because I wasn't certain the format would work for me. But when I learned that you were behind it, I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! The format ended up working very well for me, and I gained a tremendous amount from the experience--not only knowledge, tools, and techniques, but inspiration and a rekindled excitement for writing. To top it all off, it has been an indescribably wonderful experience for me to be able to take a class from and communicate with someone I have admired for so long.
Thank you so much for sharing your time, knowledge, and advice, and for being so positive and encouraging. -- Cathy Isaac Lindquist

* * *

About the 2015 Revision Retreat at Highlights: I've been to over 20 writers' conferences in the past 10 years and the Highlights Revision Retreat was, by far, the best of them. The setting, the food and the staff were unmatched. The schedule included plenty of writing and exercise time (and long walks in the country beat long walks down hotel corridors any day). I loved the intimacy of our small group over the 200 ― or even 2,000 ― participants at larger conferences. But best of all was the small, yet vastly knowledgeable faculty ― Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. I learned something new for the first time in years, which helped me to finally move one particular manuscript over a difficult hurdle so I can get it into circulation. -- Jeanette Juryea

* * *

The Editing without an Editor Webinar is filled with an abundance of techniques for looking at your manuscript with an editorial eye. It's not only a great introduction to writing children's books for those just getting started, but also- for those of us who have been in the field awhile - an effective way to recharge one's engine, review familiar tools of the craft, pick up some new ones and discover new resources. The participants' discussion adds much to the experience. There's a lot going on in each session, so it's quite helpful to have it up online afterwards to review at your own pace. -- Erica Silverman (published picture book author)

If you're in the business of writing for children, then I highly recommend KBR's, "Editing Without An Editor" webinar. This webinar not only gave me the tools that I needed to edit my manuscripts more efficiently, but it also gave me insider knowledge that can only come from someone who has been an editor. Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson both offer a combination of brains and insight - I couldn't recommend this webinar more. -- Elaine Kiely Kearns (writer and owner of KidLit 411)

* * *

On Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book workshop, Western PA SCBWI, June 2014 (comments from individual participants):

"I learned so much about the whole process of writing picture books." "Harold has a great way of explaining concepts in a way that makes them so easy to understand."

"Harold and Eileen worked together so well. They each brought important information to the workshop."

"Wow! There is a lot more to writing picture books than I ever knew. I am so glad that I came to this workshop."

"The day passed too quickly. I learned a lot and could have spent another day learning more! I feel like my picture book is really just an idea, and now I have a lot of work to do to make it a book. At least now I have an idea of how to start."

(with thanks to Marcy Canterna of the WPA SCBWI for compiling these)

* * *

On Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book workshop at the Eric Carle Museum, March 2014:

Kids Book Revisions' picture book workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn everything from the basics to the cutting-edge in the world of writing picture books. With both lectures and hands-on writing exercises, I gained knowledge and practiced techniques that I continue to use today. I learned about current trends in the marketplace, where my stories might fit, and how to approach new drafts. Understanding the insiders' perspective of what goes through the mind of an acquiring editor has greatly helped me when writing and revising. Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson showed me ways to re-imagine my stories and helped me take them to the next level, and ultimately onto children's bookshelves. -- Josh Funk (3 picture books forthcoming in 2015 and 2016)

One of the handouts I received when I took this workshop had this statement: "What works for you is important – but so is trying new things." This workshop is cram-packed with new things that will make you think about your writing and revision processes. I apply the tips and techniques I learned to every manuscript I write. For me, the cost of the workshop is a bargain because what I got from it is priceless. -- Carol Munro

* * *

Hi Eileen,
Thank you so much for putting on such a fabulous workshop! You and Harold make a wonderful team. I was a complete novice and I learned so much about the "do's and don'ts" of writing children's books.
It was also so much fun to meet other writers and hear about their work. -- Carolyn Nemec

Comments on Tutorials and Our Online Class:

After completing my first draft for my young-adult mystery Death Spiral, A Faith Flores Science Mystery, I submitted the first pages to Eileen for review. Eileen gave me some great feedback and so I signed up for the KBR tutorial. I got two great rounds of feedback from Eileen and Harold. Each revision took me more deeply into the manuscript and I ultimately landed a contract for a three book series! -- Janie Chodosh (Death Spiral was released by The Poisoned Pencil in 2014)

* * *

[KBR's] online revision class is excellent. Harold's insights into the literary process, his knowledge of the children's market, and his keen editorial eye all proved invaluable as I was working on my historical middle grade novel, a story set during the Civil War. I was weaving together three perspectives as well as using historical personalities. No other time period has been written about as much as this one, so I had to make sure the setting and the battle details were historically accurate. A very challenging endeavor! Harold was tenacious, thorough, and honest, asking all the right questions. The effort was a success! The novel sold to Holiday House in February 2013. Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Harold! -- Bobbi Miller (This story has since been published as The Girls of Gettysburg by Holiday House in 2014)

You can also see comments about our earlier online class, now inactive.

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