Kid's Book Revisions:
Sample Completed Manuscript Revision Class

We are not currently offering the class but if we revive it, this is how it would go...

Is your manuscript ready for submission? Is it marketable? In this manuscript revision class you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with two professional editors to improve your manuscript before you submit your it to agents and editors, or to improve your skills generally.

With us, you'll revise your first chapters and picture books, identifying your strengths and the challenges your story faces. You’ll work back and forth with us as we critique and give you assignments that will help you build a better story and sharpen your skills.

So, spend 8 weeks with Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. Through vigorous work, let us help you determine if your concept is publishable, if you still have more work to do, or if you need to move on to something else. Whatever the outcome, from the give and take with an experienced editor, you'll not only improve a manuscript, you'll improve your ability to evaluate your own writing and plan and implement revisions.

The following schedule is for a completed class. For current classes, see the Tutorials page.

The Details

Winter 2010 Kid's Book Revisions Manuscript Revision Class Schedule

Synopsis should be 1 page only.  No cover letters please, just a description of your character and plot or story line.  Synopses do not have to be perfect. An editor/instructor will review and comment briefly on your synopsis.  There are occasions when a particular manuscript does not fit the structure of a class setting.  We will notify you if your submission is inappropriate or may require more than what can be provided during the course of the class.

Class Schedule

Discussion Time

There will be an email chat or two, starting on dates to be agreed, to answer any additional questions or address any concerns about writing, submitting, or the publishing business. We are holding these chat by email due to the difficulties involved in scheduling online chats with everyone.

We are available to the writers in the class by email to address questions and discuss concerns, and when necessary can schedule phone conversations.


If your submission is a:
Picture book – submit the entire work. (Note: Picture book authors may submit more than one picture book at a reduced fee for each additional submission. Please inquire.)
Chapter book – submit up to 40 pages of the work.
Middle-grade novel – submit up to 40 pages of the work.
Young adult novel – submit up to 40 pages of the work.

Note: The page limits above do not apply in the Tutorial structure.

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