KBR Revising and Re-Imagining Your Novel or Chapter Book:
Per-Page Rate

One of the challenges we faced in organizing and running our online class "Revising and Re-Imagining Your Novel or Chapter Book" was how to provide feedback on individual manuscripts, which we knew many people would want. How could we do that for possibly dozens of novel-length manuscripts? To start with, we settled on offering all of our students a manuscript consultation based on a limited number of pages, as we describe on the "personal teacher" page.

We are now going to take a step further and offer to students the options of adding pages to their consultations or doing a consultation around a full-length manuscript after the course is over, for an added fee of $2.50 per page.

Per-Page Rates to Add Pages to Consultations

If a student is interested in having their personal teacher read more of their manuscript than the 20 pages we offer in the standard consultation, they may ask them to do so. This could be part of the complete manuscript, or all of it, at that standard rate of $2.50 per page. If the teacher has time available, they will work those added pages in. Teachers may not always have time available, if other students have already asked to add pages, or due to other commitments. For example, Harold already knows that he will not be able to add on pages to any October consultations and may not be able to add more than a few in November. The consultation itself will work as the standard consultation does, but with more time added (another 10 minutes per 100 pages), and take place in the form of a phone call (which can be recorded via UberConference on request.).

Per-Page Rates for Consultations After the Class

Our other offer replaces the usual discount we offer to students if they want a critique from one of us after a class is over. This time, we are offering a consultation option outside of the class at the same flat per-page rate. The rate will apply with either one of us, through 2018. As with the in-class consultation, this covers our reading of the manuscript and taking notes on it, and a phone consultation to discuss our findings. It does not include a written report: the $2.50 per page rate is a substantial discount from our critique rates, and ending with a phone meeting is one way that is possible.

We hope you find these options appealing!

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