"Revising and Re-Imagining Novels and Chapter Books" Special Feature: Your Personal Teacher

Whenever we offer one of our revision workshops online, we also offer a way for students to get feedback on a manuscript or part of one, we offer feedback on any "homework" from the class that students do, and we answer all questions personally or in group discussions.

For this webinar class, we are taking this approach a step further by giving you a "personal teacher." Your personal teacher will be assigned to you at the beginning of the class and will play at least 5 roles:

Manuscript consultation: Instead of an optional critique of a manuscript for an extra fee, we are including a manuscript consultation at no additional charge. Each student may submit up to 20 pages in standard manuscript format, including a synopsis and query letter if desired. Choose the month from September to December when you would like to meet with your teacher (first come, first served: monthly slots are limited). We'll arrange a time to talk to you about your manuscript (by phone or UberConference (if you want it recorded), for 20 minutes) and what you might want to do in the class or afterwards.

How could you use the consultation? Here are some options. Others may occur to you:
--Discuss where you are with your manuscript and how to get the most from the class.
--Show your teacher the opening chapters of your manuscript and get feedback on them.
--Share a chapter or scene you are struggling with and get suggestions.
--Focus on a character and discuss ways to develop it.

Homework feedback: Each session of the class includes at least 1 "homework assignment"--the opportunity to try out a technique or tool, applying it to your manuscript or to a published book. If you choose to do the homework, your teacher will review it and give you feedback on it.

Questions answered: We answer all questions during each online class, either via the ongoing chat room or in discussion at the end. But what if a question occurs to you later, or comes up after you missed a class and are reviewing the video recording? You can ask your homework teacher.

Point person for any problems: We use a straightforward presentation "platform" for our webinars, which works on all kinds of computers and even on smaller devices. We post video recordings on DropBox. We have a class email newsletter. But things can go wrong, or you might find our setup more difficult than we think it is. If that happens, your homework teacher will help you through the difficulty.

Planning ahead: As the class comes to an end, you can consult with your personal teacher on plans for what to do next with the manuscript you've been working on.

(Optional) Added pages: Students can, at their request, as time permits, add pages to the consultations or sign up for a post-class consultation at a flat per-page rate.

We intend for your personal teacher to help you get more out of the webinar, and to help you take your lessons learned back into your daily practice as a writer and reviser.

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