Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Manuscript (Webinar Series) February-April 2018

Dates: Evenings (8:30-9:30 pm Eastern, 5:30-6:30 pm Pacific), February 27, March 6, March 20, March 27, April 10, April 17. Make-up date May 8. (We skip some weeks due to other commitments.) The webinar will be presented on the widely used Zoom platform, which works on Mac and Windows computers and tablets (and, in a pinch, smartphones).

A new free preview and introductory session, How a Picture Book Works, exploring the idea of the reader as collaborator, will be held on January 23. Click through to the information page to learn more.

Registration for this class: Registration is now open. Choose between two options: "Work with Us" ($275 through January, rising to $325 in February), and "Work on Your Own" ($200 now and in February). If you are familiar with the choices and ready to register, please click this link to start the two-step process to register and pay the class fee. Read on if you need more information, or jump to additional information about the registration process.

As an added incentive to register early, all students who register in January will get an entry in a drawing for one of 6 manuscript consultations, which they can "cash in" during or after the class.

All students watch and participate in the live sessions. Recordings, transcripts, and text chat will be available following each session to all students.

"Work on your Own" option: Students receive no additional support outside of class. If you like to work on your own, don't need manuscript feedback, or have limited time for classwork, this could be a good choice for you.

Work with Us option: All students who choose this will be assigned a personal teacher who will respond to homework, answer questions by email, and consult with the student on a picture book manuscript. If you like guidance when learning new techniques, want feedback on a manuscript, or just want regular contact with one of us, this could be a good choice for you. The linked page provides additional information about how this will work.

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Picture books are short and simple, written for young children, so they must be easy to write--or so we hear from people who have never attempted one. Picture book writers know that's not true, but their length does make it more practical to revise them, perhaps multiple times, and even to completely re-think or "re-imagine" them, than when working with longer forms.

That's what we aim to help you do in this webinar series with your picture book manuscripts, both during the class and for years afterwards. As independent editors, and in-house children's book editors in New York before that, both of us have years of experience in working with writers on picture books. So we created our successful "Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book" in-person workshop. We then developed this online presentation in spring 2015, and have continued to revise and update it. The webinar series, like the workshop, teaches you techniques to help you find problems with your manuscript, reshape it, and then polish it up before you send it out.

To see what people have said about our past workshops, see our What Our Students Say page.

Topics Covered

Some of what we will cover in the webinar:
February 27 -- Using Reader Response Theory to Understand Picture Books Work: In this session we will look at the two opposing approaches to understanding literature and explore how to use the least familiar of the two, reader response theory, to analyze your picture book.

March 6 -- Getting Feedback from others: In this updated session we will cover how to get feedback from others in critique groups, from beta readers, and by working with children.

March 20 -- Revising at the Big Picture Level to Get Your Story Working: In this session we will explore ways of seeing your story in a new light--the true meaning of "re-vision." We will try out techniques from the one-line summary to the story grid.

March 27 -- Re-Imagining Character and Setting to Find a Fresh Approach: Sometimes there's nothing much wrong with a story, but it needs a fresh approach. It, or part of it, needs to be re-imagined. In this session we will look into methods to learn more about your main character and how to use different settings to tell a different story.

April 10 -- Re-Imagining POV and Voice to Find a Fresh Approach: In this session we will continue to re-imagine, this time looking at point of view and voice, and find ways to transform how we are approaching them.

April 17 -- Revising at the Word and Sentence Level to Polish Your Story: In this session, we will present and demonstrate self-editing methods that you can use to clean up your manuscript without hiring a copyeditor.

May 8 -- Make-Up Date: Please hold this date open as a make-up date in case we have to cancel a session due to weather or technical difficulties.

In each session, we will provide a clear framework, examples from current and classic picture books ("touchstone" books), hands-on exercises, handouts and tools, recommended resources, and time for questions and discussion. Every session after the first one will open with examples from the "homework" from the previous week or from critiques (more on those below).

We deliberately set this class up as a protected space in which you can feel free to make mistakes, ask questions you worry are stupid, and try out new directions; in this class, there will be no agents sitting in, no pitch sessions, no "opportunities to submit a manuscript" to win, because we want you to be able to focus on your writing and revising and on what you are learning in the class without feeling self-conscious and anxious to get it "ready." This will be six weeks of digging deep into your picture book writing, and we want you to enjoy it and be challenged by it in a good way.

Promotion Giveaway

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Registration Process Details

The registration process is fairly simple, but it does take two steps to complete. Once you click the link to the registration page and the page opens, you will see a form. Please fill that out, including your choice of "Work with Us" or "Work on Your Own" (as explained above). Submit the form as your first step.

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